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About Us

Hi, my name is Miki Alexander. North Texas Bullmastiffs is family owned and operated by Brian Warner and I. Our family lives in the country on 8 acres of property in North Texas.  Our dogs are part of our family, we ensure that our bullmastiffs have plenty of areas to relax, run, and play.  Every day our dogs are let out to run, play, and to interact with one another and our family.

Once we purchased our first bullmastiff we fell in love with the breed and we knew we wanted more.  It was that love that led us to breeding. Breeding seemed only natural to us, as we wanted to share our happiness with other families by allowing them to experience everything the bullmastiffs can offer.

Whether or not you choose to purchase a puppy from North Texas Bullmastiffs, please be aware of the qualities of a good breeder.

A good breeder will have: 


  • clean home/kennel

  • few breeding dogs

  • offer a health guarantee (1 yr minimum)

  • AKC registration proof

  • Vet references


 Beware of any seller that will not provide AKC registration, veterinarian issued  current shot record, and a health guarantee of at least 1 year.

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